FAQ / Help

Can I change the settings for a Request after it's been sent?

Yes. You can change a Request's settings right up until it's been completed. Click "View/Edit a Request" on the main page, provide the Request ID and PIN, and make any changes you'd like.

How do I view results if I forgot to request a notification?

You can always edit a Request, as long as you remember the ID and PIN. If you'd prefer not to receive a notification, you can use the "View/Edit a Request" button to check its status. This requires the Request's ID and PIN.

What information is sent in notification emails?

Notification emails are plaintext, and contain the Request ID, collected IP Address, User-Agent (if requested), and completion date. Paid accounts will have additional options for notification.

What additional features are available in a paid account?

We're presently working on batch requests, landing-page branding options, SMS notifications and tabular results. A number of other options are being considered, but feel free to add any suggestions you might have using the feedback tab on every page. If you'd like to be notified when our Go Big accounts are available, please click here and join our mailing list.